November 23, 2015


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Chop Time, No Friends | Recipes

Thanksgiving with my is family always a big affair. There will be plenty of laughs, music, dancing and way too much food! Around the table will be a mix of traditional Ghanaian dishes as well as American classics. If you're looking to mix it up and test some new recipes this year, check out some of these below.

Kelewele | This is the perfect snack while you're bustling around in the kitchen. It is a kicked up version of fried plantains. The plantains are cut into small chunks then coated with a peppery coating before they are fried. Once you start eating the sweet and spicy snack, it's hard to stop.

Essiespice's Coco-For-Garlic Jollof Rice with Mutton | If you haven't seen the jollof wars that have spread across social media, you must look into it. It's pretty hilarious. While I am definitely Team Ghana when it comes to jollof, I am aware that even Ghanaian's have their own takes on jollof.  In this version, Essie Bartels uses one of her signature sauces, Coco-For-Garlic to spice up the much debated dish.

Corn Muffins | Everyone always looks forwards to my aunt's sweet rolls. Sadly this year, she is not making them. So as an alternative, we will make another favorite--cornbread. This recipe is from Edna Lewis, renown chef and author who specialized in refined Southern cuisine.  

Apple Pie | Our go-to desert is apple pie with crumble topping and ice cream. I have to admit that I usually wing the filling and topping, and it always turns out great! But if you are less adventurous, Martha can give you precise measurements. 

Ginger Drink | This spicy ginger drink is really refreshing after a heavy meal (or any time really). Beware it's very strong but so delicious.

Entertain with Style | The food shouldn't be the only star of the evening. Impress your guests with a table dressed with hand-printed table runners and napkins, brass candlesticks or hand-carved horn salt cellars. If you're the guest, thank the host for their hospitality with a special gift.

We wish you a wonderful holiday spending time with family and friends!


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