February 28, 2015


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The Legacy Workout: Tribute Through Movement

Andia Winslow and Monique Walton are the founders of the the Fit Cycle "a cinematic wellness endeavor that is inspired by art, music and a culture of collaboration." The Professional golfer/fitness activist (Winslow) and award-winning film maker/documentarian (Walton) develop and produce a series of fitness related short films demonstrating relevant and accessible ways to include fitness in your daily life. 
Inspired by African-American leaders, Andia Winslow and Monique Walton created the Legacy Workout. Released in 2014, the workout translates the accomplishments, survival stories and legacies of notable figures in American history into challenging and effective exercises. Winslow and Walton feature pioneers such as the Tuskegee Airmen, Jackie Robinson and Mae Jemison as well as everyday heroes like the House Cleaners and Child Rearers who have nurtured and raised our families and nation. Set to the music of Nina Simone, each movement is thoughtfully selected and symbolically reenacts their inspiring stories.

 This video is a great way to close out Black History Month. It demonstrates how we can reflect on our history, honor our heroes and strengthen our bodies every day in small yet powerful ways. For a more detailed look at each movement, visit The Legacy Workout online. Watch other films from the series and learn more at TheFitCycle.com.



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