February 22, 2015


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Ibeyi's Spellbinding Debut

This week the much anticipated album from Ibeyi was released. Fans like us have been anxiously waiting for the debut album from the French-Cuban duo since their single “River” hit the airwaves late last summer. Twins Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz are the daughters of jazz Afro-Cuban percussionist Miguel “Anga” Diaz. Born in Paris, the sisters seamlessly meld all their cultural and musical influences to create a unique, spellbinding sound. Their songs are layered with percussive instrumentation from the cajon and bata and emotional lyrics of pain, love and loss soulfully sung in English and Yoruba. Ibeyi gives us the ultimate blend of old and new. Be sure to check out this beautiful debut available now on iTunes.


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